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HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Save Wolf Lake - a precious red pine forest in Ontario

I haven't posted anything in awhile, but this is the kind of stuff I feel is really important to take the time for! I hope you do too.

According to the Earthroots campaign, only 1.2% of ancient growth red pine forests remain on the planet, with the largest surrounding Wolf Lake in the Sudbury District of the Canadian province of Ontario. Apparently some of these trees are estimated to be 140-300 years old (!!) 

In March 2012, the provincial government reaffirmed the protected status of Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest Reserve, but in late May renewed the mining leases in the area as well. Wikipedia

Watch this beautiful time-lapse video of the area and decide if you would like to take action, by signing the petition to Premier Wynne, donating for the campaign, or simply passing this info on.

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