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HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

Monday, December 23, 2013

How Rain inspires Cookies - it's true!

It's been stinking cold in Taipei. I want to say freezing, but it's still in the teens above zero and I haven't been able to see my breath, though Rich has in the wee hours of an evening.

Anyway, it's cold and wet and miserable and what better way to warm things up, literally and figuratively, than Christmas baking!

Here are a few snaps.

!!!!!!!   HAPPY HOLIDAY CHEER  !!!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pix from summmer in Canada, 2013

Ok, I'm a little obsessive about creating the perfect viewing experience for my audiences... so I have tinkered and tankered with this selection of photos, compiling, re-arranging, writing informative yet amusing captions...

However, I am pleased to announce that this photo viewing experience is now complete!

Please peruse at your leisure and enjoy the show. : )

Canada 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Save Wolf Lake - a precious red pine forest in Ontario

I haven't posted anything in awhile, but this is the kind of stuff I feel is really important to take the time for! I hope you do too.

According to the Earthroots campaign, only 1.2% of ancient growth red pine forests remain on the planet, with the largest surrounding Wolf Lake in the Sudbury District of the Canadian province of Ontario. Apparently some of these trees are estimated to be 140-300 years old (!!) 

In March 2012, the provincial government reaffirmed the protected status of Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest Reserve, but in late May renewed the mining leases in the area as well. Wikipedia

Watch this beautiful time-lapse video of the area and decide if you would like to take action, by signing the petition to Premier Wynne, donating for the campaign, or simply passing this info on.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunday Escapades: Secret Hot Springs

Last Sunday we took our Lebanese-born friend Elias and his son Jerome to a locals hot spring spot in YangMing Shan. Despite the forecast, the weather was just right!

It's calla lily season on the mountain

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fitness achievement: half-hour jog

I've signed up for Conditioning as my PhysEd credit this semester, as I'm quite interested in the ins and outs of metabolism, proper training and ... gulp... jogging.

In the introduction week, the teacher warned us that our goal is to jog for half an hour, which seemed utterly outlandish to me, as I find running hard as to be nearly impossible. However, since thousands of people fall in love with running and it seems like one of the ultimate ways to train the body's aerobic capacity, I decided to persevere.

Sure enough, this past Thursday we had our first 30 minutes run around the track. The goal was to keep going for the entire time, no matter if you could only walk.  I assumed after 10-15 minutes I'd be well at my limit and walk the rest of the time. And yet... I ran the entire half hour!!!

This seemed utterly incredible to me, but here we are. I attribute this nearly improbable achievement to the following:

1) The teacher started with us and ran at a much slower pace than I expected. This gave me permission to putt along - in total, I ran 4000m in 30 minutes, which for anyone who runs will be obviously at a snail's pace, but hey! I am a happy proud snail!

2) The day before I went for a morning run in the nearby Daan park, to calm my nerves about this whole "ordeal," and although I only went for 10 minutes (at a quicker pace), it was a good mental warm up that jogging is, in fact, possible if not easy.

3) We just watched "The Hobbitt".

Haha. I know, I know, what's the connection? Well, seeing all those little people running for their lives while battling evil really made me think... I should be more prepared for life's twists and turns. Who knows what's around the corner, physically and chronologically speaking?  Better train up!  True motivation was born.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Xebe's visit to Taiwan, winter 2013

Ana's sister Xenia made the long and harrowing journey from N. America to Taiwan. Yay!  Here are two weeks of fun and silliness:

Xebe in Taiwan

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nearly finished Finals Madness!

Just knocked off two more big tests!
I am now one presentation, one paper and one exam away from Winter Vacation! All three are the most demanding ones, but at least I've got the smaller fish out of the way.
In a week, I plan on sleeping like a champ and planning my sister's visit to this wee Lil island! Whoohoo!
Until then, back to the books...