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HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

HOME - an amazingly beautiful wake up wall to what our planet is facing

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Into the Arts! 2012, Part 1

I've been dabbling in some artsy-pants business this year. Yay! Here's the first installment.

I do some various wordsmith-ing for my professor, at times editing or translating her academic research papers, but recently writing short skits and comics to introduce Chinese vocabulary to beginner learners. Right at the beginning of summer, she had myself and two other classmates go down to 台中 (Taichung), where her husband works in another university as a multimedia instructor. Him and his students filmed us in front of a green screen and we just recently got links to the close-to-finished videos complete with background and subtitles.  Here is a selection.

Be prepared for "camp," nicely rounded out by Chinglish subtitles and occasionally hearing the director yell "Cut!" at the end of the skit. Teehee

L5: 好運數字 - Lucky Numbers

I really botched up the vocab pronunciation on this one... haha... learn from Kevin, not from me.
If you look really carefully, the shelf eats his head at one point.
Oh, and for this to make sense, I'm supposed to be a Chinese or Taiwanese exchange student.

L8: 跟⋯⋯一樣⋯⋯ -

In case it's not obvious, my character is a ditzy secretary. In our defense, this was the last one of the day and we were exhausted. Also, credit where it's due - another student wrote this script.
大 = big       聰明 = smart       笨 = dumb

L7: 你有⋯⋯嗎? - Do you have..?

L1: 你好嗎? - How are you?

Probably my favorite at the moment. All three of us got to be in it. And it's just silly.

Cast and crew after the filming
Kevin, Tim, Ana

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